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Project Description

Nexclay expanded clay is ideal for solutions that combine nature, waterproofing and insulation. Of the various layers that make up the green roofs, a fundamental one is the one that allows a quick drain of excess water, preventing it from accumulating in the substrate, helping the roots of the plants to breathe. These features were essential to be part of one of the most recent rehabilitation projects in downtown Porto, the Emporium building. The intervention of the architect Duarte Morais Soares preserves the history of the Emporium and includes the exclusive garden with more than 800 square meters inside. This unique garden has Nexclay expanded clay in its composition, a 100% natural product.

Project Details

Porto, Portugal

Architecture: Duarte Morais Soares
Applied material: Nexclay 3-8 and Nexclay 8-16

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