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Nexclay 3-8 is a lightweight aggregate made from expanded clay in a rotary kiln at 1200°C. It is a natural product, lightweight, resistant, non-combustible, non-flammable and that remains unchanged over time.

Scope of Application

Filler solutions with good thermal and acoustic behaviour, such as insulation and regularization of floors in buildings, form layers in roofs and for filling air-boxes in double walls. The mechanical and physical properties of the aggregate make it suitable for being applied in geotechnical works, landscaping and agriculture, including drainage, embankments, flower beds and gardened roofs.

Nexclay 3-8Declared valueUnits
Particle size distribution8,0 - 12,5mm
Loose bulk density287(±15%) kg/m³
Crushed and broken surfaces7(% mass)
Crushing resistance (± 10%)1,8MPa
Thermal conductivity0,11(W/m. ºC)
Water absorption22,7(% dry mass)
Reaction to fireIncombustible Euro Category A1-

Recommendations for Applying

Nexclay can be used as a lightweight aggregate for mortars with studied batches. When making concrete or screed, make the mixture with only 2/3 of the intended water, then add the remainder at the end, to prevent the Nexclay to float due to excess water.


Nexclay 3-8 in 50-litre bags and packages with 1,5 m³ and 3,0 m³. It can also be supplied in bulk, loaded at the factory from the silo into a truck or tanker. The volume that is considered is the apparent, uncompressed volume, at the factory.

Shipping and storage

During transport and/or storage the smaller particles might get segregated – Changes may occur in moisture content and the apparent volume might decrease due to rearrangement of the material, like with any other inserts such as sand and gravel.

Health and Safety

It is an inert product and does not constitute a hazard to health or the environment. In some applications, dust may occur and it is convenient to wear a protective mask.

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