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The product

Nexclay expanded clay is a light aggregate with a spherical format, with an internal structure formed by a ceramic foam with micropores and a rigid and resistant surface, which makes the product an important solution for the construction sector.

Nexclay is a natural, ecological, durable, fireproof and inert product. It does not decompose or rot, and it is light and capable of storing a certain amount of moisture, which it slowly releases.

Its use allows to reduce the weight in the structures and contributes to a significant saving of materials. Due to its internal porosity, it has important thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Its main features are:

  • Light weight and stability
  • Unchangeable over time
  • Non-flammable and odorless
  • Electrically neutral and hypoallergenic
  • Strength and dimensional stability
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Natural and ecological
  • Economical and easy to apply


Nexclay expanded clay is an insulating material produced from a careful selection of natural clay. When heated in ovens at high temperatures (1200°C), gases are produced that cause its expansion and the formation of micropores, which give it lightness and provide it with high thermal and acoustic insulation.


Nexclay has a fast and efficient distribution fleet that covers the entire national territory, which brings Nexclay expanded clay to a large number of projects.

Supply Method

50 liter bags

Supplied on pallets with 65, 35 and 30 bags of 50 liters.

Bigbag of 1,5 m³

Bags of 1,5 m³ with handles for lifting and handling. The bags are not returnable.

Bigbag of 3,0 m³

Bags of 3,0 m³ with handles for lifting and handling. The bags are not returnable.


Loaded at the factory from the silo onto a truck.

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