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Nexclay expanded clay is a light aggregate with a spherical shape, with a rigid and resistant surface, which makes it an excellent product for the construction sector. Its use makes it possible to reduce the load on structures and contributes to significant savings in materials.

Nexclay is indicated for the construction of buildings in applications such as:
  • Leveling and insulation of floors
  • Light slabs, blocks and lightweight concrete
  • Pitched roofs and flat roofs
  • Green roofs, substrate and cover of landscaped areas
  • Drainage of structures, ground floors
  • Geotechnical applications, tunnels, embankments, retaining walls

Increase soil drainage and lighten surcharges around the structure

Nexclay expanded clay has excellent drainage properties, preventing moisture from infiltrating the construction. It decreases the ground pressure on the basement wall and prevents the collapse of the sidewalks around the building.
Provides improved stability, reduced settlement, exceptional insulation, and subgrade compensation.

Construction Works/Buildings

Aeroporto Sá Carneiro

In this work, the solution involved fillings of pumped light concrete. It is pumped to…

Palácio do Gelo

Built in 1996, this project was recently subjected to a complete transformation. The new complex…

Pousada de Viseu

Nexclay participated in the restoration of the historic building of S. Teotonio Hospital which led…

Makro Coimbra

In this work the Nexclay expanded clay was applied directly in contact with the ground.…

Iberdrola Tower

The Iberdrola Tower is 165 metres tall and has 41 floors. Considered an architectural work…

Atl. Bilbao Stadium

Nexclay expanded clay was used to reduce soil pressure on basement walls and avoid the…

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