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Nexclay expanded clay is produced for a wide range of applications, its use allows greater energy savings, thermal and acoustic comfort and environmental protection.




Is a light aggregate with a spherical shape, with an internal structure formed by a ceramic foam with micropores and a rigid and resistant surface.

Supply method

The different particle sizes of Nexclay expanded clay can be supplied in: 50-litre bags, 1,5 m³ BigBags, 3,0 m³ BigBags and Bulk.

Insulation and Lightweight Filling in just 3 steps:

Nexclay is the ideal solution for a lightweight filling with good mechanical, thermal and acoustical properties.


  1. Fill and level with dry Nexclay expanded clay;
  2. Water the surface watering with cement run-off;
  3. After 24 hours, the ground is ready for the final screed.
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Technical Documentation

Consult here our product technical data sheets.


See Nexclay catalogues for different applications.


See product certificates here.


Consult the prices of Nexclay expanded clay.


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